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What will GTA 6 Look Like? We Study All Leaks

Various story and leaks about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been seen on the Internet in the last number of times. So, let's check all the gossip and bits of information we have heard so far about the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto is one of those little sequences that when a new payment is just around the corner it launches a ballyhoo long before the game hits store shelves or very digital platform slots. This disturbance from the make is somewhat due to the Rockstar Games studio's reputation – for the history two decades, almost every video game designed by this British developer is becoming an apparent candidate for the ownership on the match in the season.

Not without meaning is the controversy produced by the team – its subsequent parts used motifs, themes or topics, that many claims in record entertainment industry simply can afford to deal with. Violence, sex, torture, politics (presented without any concerns or restrictions) – in Great Theft Auto that many here, often as a questionable satire, which is usually an appropriate comments upon our surrounding reality. Grand Theft Auto is well known for being controversial, ridiculous, iconoclastic, provocative... and it's a damn good run. It will be hard to point out any cons, even when we have the intuition to it could give extended a little much in some files. With for all that team is appreciated in millions of players all over the world.


This no special if we edge to speak about the next episode of that cycle. Although the GTA 6 hasn't even become officially announced but, it appears in our newsroom like a regular guest, almost always associated with such phrases such as 'gossip' or 'new leak'. So let's take a closer examine what may be about so far about the future Rockstar Games' AAA job also what information we've heard by the secret mysterious sources.

Setting – most likely east coast, or maybe... the whole section of the Item States?

There are various hints that Fine Theft Auto VI will take place on the far east coast of the United States. Many sources suggest that we can get the opportunity to examine several locations – the most common calls are Vice Town (a fantastic metropolis based on Miami, that grew in GTA Vice City in 2002) and Liberty City (a another report of New York, that we stayed in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto IV). The leaks of Development 2018, as well as those of Could then June this year, speak of this. Miami with New York were and revealed by a mysterious developer associated with PlayStation 5.

Many stories suggest that the game world could be even more substantial and open. Perhaps we will see a third town on the drawing and it can be either Los Santos or a totally different position based on Orlando or Brazilian Rio de Janeiro. The final decision would mean that in the fresh subject of Rockstar Games we may move beyond the borders on the United States. It is worth noting that visit South America and seemed in the leak introduced by The Experience route (in Advance, last year). Maybe there's something with it.

Another leak, from September this year, remark approximately a couple completely different locations – Las Venturas (fictional Las Vegas) and San Fierro (another variation of San Francisco). These two, good source, are going to be located one huge map to occurs some points bigger than the one understood from the GTAV. Interestingly, one of the reports (August 2017) suggests that developers even considered to move the entire narrative in the activity to... London. But, that perception was abandoned.

Perhaps the most fascinating and most exciting option grown in the leak of May 2019. According to this information, the positioning and gameplay area of Grand Theft Auto VI could be... nearly the entire United States of America. The chart would enter all the iconic spots and urban seen on the past books in the line. The foundation regarding that news is a bad rating given to Rockstar Games for the Glassdoor portal, where employees speak anonymously about employers. A similar thought had too showed a year before in a forward in GTAForums – its origin suggested he was focusing on a plan pitch for GTA VI covering the whole area from the STATES. The awareness seems odd and particularly serious, but get we previously heard to expect such mind blowing features from 'Rock-Stars'?

The plot & heroes (or stars) in Grand Theft Auto 6

Most leaks suggest that we really should get interrupted by the game's story. Most likely, it will be a classic storyline, pretty typical for this collection, in the principle of American pleasure which goes true. In other words, from the street thug with a big mafia boss. Gamers can lead in collecting debts then appropriate role in small thefts. Over time they will get more contacts, earn enormous amounts of money, get new guns, then gradually carry out the position in the one who knocks the door ("Tell the name" – when you see the reason and you've seen Breaking Bad series).

In fact, when talking about the hero, we should use the plural form, because a lot of gossip indicate that just like in GTAV, the sixth installment in the series lets us to consider charge over the few protagonists. Moreover, one of the main characters – for the first time from the story on the operation, is going to be women. The Imposing 2017 leak suggests that it will be... a prostitute named Theresa. The same source states that the other two heroes will be the proprietor of the club with a redneck, which is a common neighborhood of Us community. The last protagonist is supposed to resemble the popular Trevor in the fifth installment, although he's most likely much more peaceful person. On the other hand, the new (September) leak implies the existence of individual a couple main characters – a woman with a person. Still, no additional point were given.

The idea of the female protagonist, which arrived in a few leaks, seems interesting and may enable us showing many problems from the a bit unique view. Very honestly, if I were to point out one gossip about Grand Theft Auto 6, which seems to be the most credible, that could be this aforementioned information.

A wholly different concept of the main atmosphere and in general dream of GTA 6' item was offered in the leak that arrived in Summer, 2019. According to that concept, we will get only one protagonist. It will be a guy named Ricardo, who smuggles drugs across the southern line in the Usa (which turns the aforementioned guides to South America). The report associated with that nature was most probably inspired by the Narcos Netflix run (the paramount with second years were showing the life of the famous drug lord Pablo Escobar – perhaps he serves as an inspiration for the modern protagonist).

Gameplay and delivery see of GTA VI

The least details within these leaks was share to game mechanics, but luckily some of them have a few sneak mountains of what we may assume on this subject. The June describes (the consistent which indicated the Narcos' inspiration) mention of a harmony between real-life consequences and activity – supposedly we really should expect such realistic solutions like the indictment of Cherry Dead Redemption II (for instance, there is no hunger indicator). Despite which, we can live sure that participants may dive into game's content.

The persons are likely to speak different words and the usefulness of articles with developing can transform over the years (which, by the way, indicates how the game may use a long storyline which uses part in different ages of instant). Extreme conditions events, such as hurricanes or floods, can as well appear when random events. According to that spring, we can get an opportunity to develop a criminal empire, which is a report similar to which happening Complete Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

The loan weather system described above was too revealed in the leak that showed with September, 2019. Another leak that spawned from the same month suggests that Rockstar will adjust the mechanics of gun trading. In other words, it will be far more demanding to get a rocket launcher (although not necessarily difficult). The game would and include such reports as robberies, running your own things and opportunity of having fun in many mini-games – like carnival entertainment, gambling, rafting and bowling. The same source provides specifics of the shops – supposedly there will be more point that we can go to or enter from the metropolitan, with regard emphasis on shopping malls, police stations, fast food restaurants and gas stations.


When are we going to show GTA VI?

The information to maybe seems most frequently in all words about Grand Theft Auto 6 is the issue date. Most leaks suggest that the game could beat industry with 2020 or 2021. For example, the previously mentioned source concerned with PS5 showed the following cup of Rockstar Games studio will be presented on Christmas of 2020. Another year, as one of the options, this is also suggested by the leak published on the 4Chan forum with May 2017 (the instant possibility of GTA6 release date mentioned in this leak was time 2019 – so, we can eliminate this currently).

Years 2020 or 2021 have existed in a recent announcement by Steven Ogga, that performed Trevor in GTAV. The actor said the activities (in default, titles designed by Rockstar Activities) are expanded within eight to seven seasons – and as a lot what we know, the last installment of the collection debuted in 2013. Such stories sometimes include even more release dates. For example, the currently mentioned leak that played on The Know avenue in March 2018, has proposed a somewhat more distant appointment of 2022. The information which we have obtained in September suggest that the game will be announced at the end on the next year. That may seems a bit disappointing, produce this implies a rather distant release day in the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI.